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CGI's mission is to foster the interoperability and exchange of geoscience information, by active community leadership, collaboration, education, and the development and promotion of geoscience information standards and best practice.

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The second issue of the CGI Newsletter is now available.

Three new councillors have been elected to fill vacancies on the CGI Council. We welcome Kombada Mhopjeni (Namibia), Zhang Minghua (China) and Santiago Munoz (Dominican Republic).

A second instructional manual for delivering GeoSciML services has just been published, courtesy of the British Geological Survey. Go to www.geosciml.org to download it and all our GeoSciML resources.

Join us at our new LinkedIn group. The group provides a forum for CGI and LinkedIn members to connect with other geoscience professionals, post news of upcoming events, ask questions, and discuss your issues.

EarthResourceML version 2.0 released October 2013

Current Working Groups

GeoSciML - a collaborative OGC-CGI standards working group developing a geological data transfer standard -

EarthResourceML - developing a data transfer standard for mineral resources and mining information -

Geoscience Terminology - developing multilingual vocabularies for geoscience and earth resources information -

Geoscience Information in Africa (GIRAF) – a collaborative network of African and global geoinformatics professionals working together to enable geoscience information to contribute to the environmental and economic prosperity of the people of Africa.

Featured project

VGL screen shot

The Australian Virtual Geophysics Laboratory (VGL) is a scientific workflow web portal that provides geo-physicists with an integrated environment that uses cloud-based data processing applications and high performance computing technology. The VGL is an Australian government funded collaboration between CSIRO, Geoscience Australia, and the Australian National University's National Computational Infrastructure (NCI).