Gabriel Asato

Gabriel Asato

Gabriel Asato has been the GIS Manager of the GIS and Remote Sensing Unit at the Mining and Geological Survey of Argentina (SEGEMAR) since 1997. With a degree in Geology (Buenos Aires University, Argentina) and Remote Sensing (INPE - National Institute for Spatial Research, Brazil) he has been working in the development of conceptual models and products for cartographic automated production systems, standards and GIS in organisations (SDI-org) at SEGEMAR since 1994. In 1995 he was responsible for the development of the first version of the Argentinean Geological Map Data Model and Digital standards. During 1998-2002 he was an active member of the Argentinean Commission for GIS Standard Development (SIGRA), giving several lectures and workshops about metedata systems. He also participated in the preparation and management of the GEOSAT-AR Project, ASTER Technology in Argentina (2000-2004, Japan International Cooperation Agency-SEGEMAR).

At present, Gabriel is involved in different GIS and digital cartographic projects like the Metalogenic Map of South America, seamless digital geological maps, and the Argentine Satellite Atlas, a special automated cartographic product based on satellite images data banks.

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Gabriel Asato
GIS Manager
GIS and Remote Sensing Unit
Mining and Geological Survey of Argentina (SEGEMAR)
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