Harvey Thorleifson

Harvey Thorleifson

Harvey Thorleifson has been Director of the Minnesota Geological Survey, in the USA, since 2003. He is the Mapping Committee chair for the Association of American State Geologists, and a member of the US National Geospatial Advisory Committee. He was a member of the National Academy panel that prepared a report on the international role of the US Geological Survey, and a member of the team that launched OneGeology.

Harvey was 2012–2013 President of the Association of American State Geologists (AASG), 2004–2006 President of what is now the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences, and 2003–2004 President of the Geological Association of Canada. From 1986 to 2003, he was a Geological Survey of Canada research scientist. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado.

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Harvey Thorleifson Ph.D., P.Geo., D.Sc
Director, Minnesota Geological Survey
State Geologist of Minnesota
Professor, Department of Earth Sciences
College of Science and Engineering
University of Minnesota
2609 West Territorial Road
St Paul MN 55114-1009

Telephone: +1 612-626-2150