Multi Lingual Thesaurus

The Multilingual Thesaurus Working Group (MLTWG) was merged with the Concept Definitions Task Group in 2012 to form the Geoscience Terminology Working Group.


The mission of the MLTWG was to enable the global exchange of geoscience information with the help of a common multilingual core vocabulary by developing and expanding the Multilingual Thesaurus of Geosciences.

The Multilingual Thesaurus of Geosciences (MTG) was designed to be easily accessible (including on the web), and available free of charge. The participants recognized the importance of ensuring the compatibility of national information systems with commonly accepted international standards.

Main Objectives

  • Updating categories and terms
  • Establishing a polyhierarchy
  • Adding synonyms and related terms
  • Installing the thesaurus as a web based tool
  • Adding new languages


Working Group Members

Marielle Arregros-Rouvreau (BRGM, France)
Claude Beaupère (BRGM, France)
Joachim Gersemann (BGR, Germany) [spokesman]
Rachel Heaven (BGS, United Kingdom)
Jan Jellema (TNO-NITG, Netherlands)
Luca Olivetta (ISPRA, Italy)
Maija Pennanen (GTK, Finland)
Sharon Tahirkheli (AGI, USA)
Sven Lundqvist (SGU, Sweden)
Caj Kortman (GTK, Finland) ) [in advisory capacity]

Multi-Lingual Thesaurus Working Group Members' Photos