Mark Rattenbury

Mark Rattenbury

Programme Leader, Nationally Significant Databases and Collections


Mark has been involved in geological mapping with GNS Science in New Zealand since 1993 with roles that have included field geologist, map compiler, GIS specialist, 3D modeller and programme leader. He applies geological mapping and data management knowledge to the support New Zealand mineral exploration, hazard identification and risk mitigation, infrastructure industries and wider science research. Mark currently leads GNS Science’s Nationally Significant Databases and Collections research programme that includes ongoing geological mapping and map information management as well as supporting key earthquake, geomagnetic, paleontology, groundwater, volcano and rock properties datasets. Mark advises internally, nationally and internationally on geoscience data management and dissemination, 3D geological modelling and web data services. He contributes to national science data initiatives, represents New Zealand in the Australasian Government Geoscience Information Committee and is actively involved in international CGI-IUGS working groups on geoscience terminology and geoscience data models. Mark has been the Chair of the Geoscience Terminology Working Group since 2014 and joined the CGI Council in 2020 taking the Treasurer role.

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