Council Elections

CGI Elections

Procedure for the Election of CGI Council Members


A CGI council member’s term is 4 years, starting and ending at the CGI General Assembly at International Geological Congress. The process for application and election of CGI Councillors starts several months in advance of the CGI General Assembly and is described below.

The Application Process

Call for Applications

Applications for Council will be received for a period of 1 month after the call for applications which will be posted on the CGI web site and circulated to CGI members by email.

Application Requirements

  1. Applicants must be CGI members.
  2. Applicants must have substantial expertise in the management and dissemination of digital geoscience data in corporate environment and a strong motivation to contribute.
  3. Applicants must be able to communicate orally in English and have experience as participants in international collaborative team environments.
  4. Applicants must be able to verify that they will be active in taking forward the work of CGI and supported to attend at least the annual meeting of the CGI Council.

Application Process

Members wishing to stand for election for Council must prepare a letter of application (in English) to the Secretary General and Chair where they outline how they meet the application requirements and :

  1. Expertise and experience relative to the CGI mandate and activities.
  2. Their motivation to contribute to the CGI
  3. The region(s) they work in and have experience (Africa, Asia & Oceania, North America, Latin & South America, Europe;
  4. Identify leadership and participation in collaborative international, regional, or specialist groups relevant to the mandate and operation of CGI.
  5. The source of funding for travel expenses to attend CGI meetings.
  6. Send applications to

Review of Applicants by CGI Council

The CGI Council will review the applications based on the criteria outlined above and select a maximum of 30 applicants to stand for election for the 12 possible Council positions. A principal objective of the selection process will be to identify a group of applicants with diverse and complementary expertise and regional affiliation. In the case of Council members standing for re-election, their contribution and meeting attendance during the current term will be amongst the factors considered.

The Election Process

  1. CGI members will be emailed by the Secretary General voting instructions and a list of candidates and asked to vote for a maximum of 12 councillors. Four weeks will be allowed for voting.
  2. Approximately 2 months before the annual General Assembly at the International Geological Congress, the identity of all selected candidates will be put on the CGI Website accompanied by a brief description of their background and skills. New CGI members who join CGI after this date will not be permitted to participate in this election process.
  3. At the end of the voting period, the CGI Council will compile the votes and identify the successful candidates. To fill the geographical requirement and ensure that all regions of the world are represented, a minimum of 1, and a maximum of 4 candidates, will be selected from each of the 5 identified geographic regions of the globe. This will be achieved by choosing an initial candidate with the most votes for every one of the 5 regions, then the other candidates will be selected according to the number of votes they have obtained, with a limit of 4 per region.
  4. The successful candidates will be contacted by email to request that they confirm in writing that they will have support of their agencies to participate in CGI Council activities and attend annual CGI Council meetings.
  5. Upon receipt of confirmation of support, the new Council will be announced to CGI members and the IUGS Secretariat by email; and also posted on the CGI website approximately 2 months in advance of the IGC.

Selection of the CGI Council Chair, Secretary General, and Treasurer.

The new Council will meet and take over from the old Council at the IGC and agree who will take on the specific roles of CGI Council Chair, Secretary General, and Treasurer. The result will be announced to CGI members and the IUGS Secretariat by email; and also posted on the CGI website.

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