Recent CGI Meetings

Members of the EarthResourceML Working group met at IGME (the Spanish Geological Survey) in Madrid in May. L-R: Wang Yongzhi, Jouni Vuollo (chair), Mark Rattenbury, Ollie Raymond, Katarzyna Sadlowska, and Zhang Minghua.

The CGI Council and two of its standards working groups — Geoscience Terminology and EarthResourceML — convened in May in Madrid in conjunction with the 34th Geoscience Information Consortium (GIC) conference at the Spanish Geological Survey, IGME. Progress was made towards publishing several new geoscience vocabularies. Progress was also made towards publication of a new version of EarthResourceML (version 3.0), to address some issues identified by current users of the EarthResourceML v2.0 data transfer standard.

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